Copy of Why Buy From Us?

"Sweatshirt arrived in the post this morning. Fantastic quality and a perfect fit. Very many thanks."
Nigel - Purchased from ShotDeadInTheHead

Hello everyone!
We are Push Merchandising!

We're a big happy (slightly dysfunctional) family and ShotDeadInTheHead is the by-product of our collective creative juices. Our purpose in life is to deliver our extended family (that's you lot) high quality, exclusive and unique products that allow you to share your passions and show the rest of us that you're well and truly different.

As we like to say, "If You Care, Wear!"

Now then, if you're still reading, that means you probably want to get to know us a little bit better. Read on and remember that everything we say is backed by our legendary 90 Day No Quibble Guarantee. No seriously - it is.

"Just letting you know that I'm thrilled with the replacement shirt and with the way you've handled the return, I'll spread the word!"
Deb Atkinson - Purchased from Amazon

Five Things You Should Know About Us

1 We treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We are a family business that sells over 100,000 garments worldwide every single year. We've been able to do this because we care deeply about the quality of our products and about offering exemplary customer service.

2 We've also been around for a really long time. sold its first t-shirt in 2005 and in the following years it has been consistently called out by the press for design gems such as 'Make Bono History', 'Jack Bauer Wouldn't Stand For This Shit' and our hugely successful 'Built In' range.

3 Every product we sell is special.

There's nothing worse than a shirt that shrinks after its first tour of duty in the laundry. Maybe that's acceptable for a nine quid shirt that'll last for one trip down the local boozer, but it's not for something you really care about. We make sure we always provide our designs on super high-quality garments using the very latest digital printing techniques.

4 We care about the safety of your information.

Our parent outfit (Push Merchandising) owns the company that manages and controls the safety of websites for premiere music acts such as Katy Perry, Mumford and Sons and 5SOS. This means we understand how to build websites that ensure your personal information is as safe as the crown jewels (Disclaimer: we do use less Beefeaters however). We also use PayPal for processing all sale transactions - a company that needs no introduction.

5 Did we mention...

We've got a legendary 90 Day No Quibble Guarantee?!

"Great t-shirt, gets lots of attention."
Mr James Holt - Purchased from Amazon

So what's up with the site name -- ShotDeadInTheHead?

Put simply, it doesn't mean we don't care, because we do. But if the world was full of individuals with the same sanitised points of view, it'd be pretty boring, right? It's best to think of us as being a late night HBO or Channel 4 TV show - it's safe bet that you'll hit upon crude language, risqué concepts and stuff you generally wouldn't want your old Gran to watch.

We humbly reserve our right to have an opinion, to sometimes offend, and for our customers to shop elsewhere if they don't like what they see. But given the popularity of the site, our social media stuff and most of all, our customer feedback, it's pretty clear that we're doing something right. Poke around, have a laugh, and don't take it too seriously. As the learned Robbie Williams once said, "Let me (and by me, we mean us) entertain you!".

"Great t-shirt, well made and arrived very quickly, seems well made, very happy."
Brenda Colligan - Purchased from Amazon

And now a word about the company founders...

Simon Scott and Ian Shurmer met in the early 90's and worked together at AMXdigital (one of the UK's first Internet companies). Subsequent years would see them work for leading technology and advertising outfits, including stints in Silicon Valley.

When the time came to start their own business, they decided to create a company that would be underpinned by corporate professional experience, but which was driven by a strong sense of family oriented ethics; no one should have to miss out on their kids growing up.

Their two companies, Push Entertainment and Push Merchandising have global clients and partners in the world of entertainment including Universal Music, HBO, Warner Music, Disney and Random House.

Meet The Team...



What do you do at Push? Ops Manager - I'm responsible for a happy shopping experience making sure everything arrives on time and looks fantastic.

What are you into? I'm an artist plus busy Mum. I love to make, sew, crochet, or bake while watching films - winning! Also a huge comic fan and vinyl figure collector.

Favourite t-shirt Sweary Fairy

Favourite mug RBF Keeps You Pretty



What do you do at Push? Muck about on Facebook and Twitter all day long as the Social Media Marketing Manager. #YouAreWelcome.

What are you into? Winding up my four cats, #Hearthstone (go #ValueTown!), trying to raise three videogaming kids. And beer. Lots of beer.

Favourite t-shirt Straight Outta Teabags

Favourite mug After This Coffee



What do you do at Push? I look after the design and graphics side of things.

What are you into? Anything artsy and crafty, especially sewing and then blogging about what I've made.

Favourite t-shirt Made in the 70s

Favourite mug Dolphin Friendly Tuna



What do you do at Push? Brand Manager - I work with our design team and partners on awesome ideas and products. It's a tough job.

What are you into? Country pubs, long dog walks and hanging out with my three girls. And t-shirts.

Favourite t-shirt Welcome to Amity

Favourite mug Moby Dick



What do you do at Push? Sort out customer queries, problems and returns. A sage if you like...

What are you into? Films, books, RPGs, Batman and Xbox.

Favourite t-shirt Correction

Favourite mug Shhh



What do you do at Push? Customer service lead and operations admin. Fixer of small problems. Big problems get passed to Jo #sorrynotsorry.

What are you into? Mum of 2, epic multitasker and lover of making. Starter of many projects, finisher of few.

Favourite t-shirt Schrodinger Dead Alive

Favourite mug Inigo and Westley



What do you do at Push? Platform Engineer - Geeky things to make sure you can buy stuff when you want.

What are you into? Sports, partying, family and yeah, work… team work - it helps me to put the blame on someone else.

Favourite t-shirt Sons of Anarchy Reaper Scroll

Favourite mug Captain Amazing



What do you do at Push? I help provide customer service, which consists of assisting and supporting customers, answering queries and solving minor problems.

What are you into? I'm a busy mummy, and self taught artist. I love anything from pastel drawings, watercolours, pen-and-ink doodling and sewing to card crafts (if I ever get any spare time!)

Favourite t-shirt Brilliant Fairy

Favourite mug Schrodinger Dead Alive