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Roll The Dice

Playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid shaped my interests and hobbies more than I even thought possible. Rolling dice, plotting with my party and challenging the Dungeon Master's adventure as a young kid in the 80s was the best. Summer holidays spent at friends' houses, eating junk food and questing to hit that all-important next level will remain some of my best childhood memories.

And the stigma of 'oh, it's only for geeks and nerds' has all but vanished over the past 30 years too. If you've never got to grips with what D&D is all about, then here's a handy (if slightly sweary) video from The Cosmonaut Variety Hour which does a sterling job of setting the scene.

It has been quite a long time since I last rolled a D20 in earnest, but if you're still all about skewering a Beholder through its central eye with a spear at 50 feet away, then maybe ShotDead's brand new inspired-by D&D range of hobbyist t shirts, hoodies and mugs are worth five minutes of your time. There's some cracking designs to choose from! Lightning bolts at the ready!
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