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Fortnite Takes Over The World

Epic Games' amazing shooter Fortnite is rapidly taking over the world. It's just now launching on iOS, but has been a firm streaming staple on Twitch for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers for months now. It's even knocked PUBG off the top spot in terms of most popular game streamed and watched.

Yesterday, Twitch streamer and Fortnite expert Ninja played duo Battle Royale with mega rap star Drake, and the Internet broke. Fortnite is the biggest success story in gaming for many years - and it only promises to keep getting bigger and bigger.

Check out Ninja's INSANE skills in this vid where he scores 32 solo kills in one Battle Royale match - this kid's got talent:

It's brilliant to watch Ninja in action (mild language warning!). We've designed a range of tribute inspired-by Fortnite tees too. From Battle Royale place names to fan-targeted slogan tees, no matter where you are on the Fortnite spectrum, we've got you covered - as usual.

Go grab your Victory Royale right now!

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