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SpaceX Oddity

It's the stuff of sci-fi dreams. Yesterday, Elon Musk's SpaceX program launched its biggest rocket ever - Falcon Heavy - from Cape Canaveral to show the world that we're edging closer and closer to a future among the stars.

The highlight of the experiment was when the main body of the space rocket reached outside the atmosphere of Earth and spat out Elon's old cherry red Tesla; piloted by StarMan (a mannequin that looks a little bit like Top Gear's The Stig).

StarMan and his fancy ride are currently on course to be sent into a long term orbit around Mars - yes, Mars. Blasting out on the Tesla's sound system is a perpetual loop of David Bowie's Space Oddity, while on the car's dashboard display, the words "Don't Panic!" glow in the dark. Watch a live video of the car here:

What a time to be alive! Our homage to Elon's space ventures can seen seen and bought right here. Amazing stuff!

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