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Red Dwarf Turns 30

It's been 30 years to the day since space bum Dave Lister (Craig Charles) and Arnold J. Rimmer (Chris Barrie) launched Red Dwarf on the Beeb. The space comedy written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor quickly became a cult classic among nerds (like us!) and has recently returned for its 12th series.

Along with Kryten and Cat, the foursome shaped the way for a new style of clever sci-fi comedy. It was whacky enough to be likened to The Young Ones, but intelligent enough to bring complicated scientific themes to the mainstream.

And then there was Talkie Toaster.

While it's generally agreed that the first four or five seasons remain the best, it's awesome to still be getting new episodes via Dave TV. Sure - the boys from the Dwarf are looking a little but rounder and older, but the magic's still there.

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