ShotDeadInTheHead now on Shopify

Faster, Better, Stronger

Welcome to the brand new ShotDeadInTheHead shop! We've been beavering away in the background since the end of last year in order to substantially upgrade your favourite online destination for funny t shirts, mugs and hoodies. And we think you'll really like what we've done.

We now live on Shopify - the world's fastest growing and best e-Commerce platform. This means that your shopping experience with us is so much better, faster and slicker than it was - it's a win-win! 

We hope you find everything to your liking too. All of your favourite tees are still here and we'll continue to add in new brilliant funny t shirts, mug and hoodies each week. You can check out the recent arrivals here.

Enjoy the shop on your mobile phone and tablets too - it looks spectacular now! If you've got any comments, then leave us a note below. Or you can always email our phenomenal customer service folks at with any questions or queries. 

Thanks for continuing to shop with ShotDeadInTheHead - you guys are the best!

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